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The Legend of PacmOon

When the night is dark
and the stars shine bright.
Somewhere in the cloudless southern sky
emerges the ravenous lunatic.

Unguarded he went 
without Inky, Pinky, Blinky or Clyde.
The poor stars thought he was on their side
but alas...

He gobbles up all the lights 
that are within its sight.
The bloody scourge ends at about noon
thus was born the legend of PacmOon.

Drum Roll | Showroom Issue No 2

Drum roll.

Eternal quest.
Vicious circle.
Hearts on fire.
Moment of truth.

Featured in
Showroom Issue No 2. Poster Art curated by Lovebirds.

The Monks who sold their Ferrari


A bloody battle is raging.

Choice of weapon is your's to make.
And no matter what you say,
make sure you say it with style. 

Photography: Deepanshu Rishi

Two Pencils that were all wooden

The Sufi Rock Campaign finally gets the elusive D&AD pencil in two categories: Art Direction for Poster Advertising & Illustration for Design.