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" To enhance the beauty of the beloved is to acknowledge both her frailty and the nobility of that frailty. At our noblest, we announce to the darkness that we will not be diminished by the brevity of our lives."

From the film The Counselor [2014]

Fubiz | Revisited Wes Anderson’s Movie Posters

My poster for The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou poster featured on Fubiz as part of their Wes Anderson movie posters series.
Take a look:


Proposed cover for Ad Age 2014

Create | Share | Collaborate

An idea is limitless. Today, in the ever-shrinking world that we live in, an idea can be worked upon and taken forward by experts in various fields. An idea needn’t merely be the brainchild of a single creative individual anymore.

Collaborate, a single word­ that brings together the expertise of various creative individuals around the world to shape an idea, sees the same idea manifest itself into epic proportions. My cover design depicts the various tools of the trade to convey the power of this collaboration.

(Text: Shrey Byala)

An idea whose time has come!

The Design Polymath

The Vignelli Forever series of posters by Anthony Neil Dart.

Remembering Massimo Vignelli (January 10, 1931 – May 27, 2014) one the most prolific graphic designers of our time. Subconsciously, it's always been hard for me to disassociate Vignelli and his oeuvre from the font Helvetica. They have to come in tow. I can't speak of one without thinking of the other. His best loved quote "If you can design one thing, then you can design everything.", draws huge parallels with Helvetica's wide-spread use and abuse.

Apart from, of-course his well known love for the typeface which he expresses on Gary Hustwit's documentary and in a lot of his work like the legendary American Airlines branding. For the young and impressionable designers of my generation, Helvetica had a love/hate connotation already riding high. We were sort of in the cusp or flux where the general attitude towards the typeface was experiencing a wide-felt change. In times like these we looked up to doyens such as Vignelli who put it in as prosaic a manner as – "You can say, "I love you," in Helvetica. And you can say it with Helvetica Extra Light if you want to be really fancy. Or you can say it with the Extra Bold if it's really intensive and passionate, you know, and it might work." (Excerpt from the documentary – Helvetica)

Young Creative of the Year 2014 Ogilvy, Delhi

God's Architect


Sufi Rock

The idea was to marry the diverse musical traditions of Sufi & Rock together. The poster fused the jaali from Islamic architecture with the ‘sign of the horns’, a gesture widely used by rock and metal fans.


Commission work for a documentary on the issue of electricity theft in the city of Kanpur. The poster depicts Loha Singh, a central character in the proceedings who is fashioned on the lines of a danger sign (skull & cross) most related with electricity.

He's almost a Prometheus like figure who steals electricity from the Gods to give it to the lesser mortals for better or for worse!

Check out the trailer here.